The two best ways to evaluate the success of a fire suppression company is to review what customers say about the work done for their organizations and to examine the company's performance history. With over 3,000 completed projects to PASCO's credit, it is impossible to review all PASCO's customers. However, the quotes and project descriptions which follow, provide a good representation of what customers have to say about PASCO, as well as, a feeling for the breadth, depth and quality of the projects PASCO has successfully completed. You can read some letters of reference here.

University of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business

PASCL2 0007 DarlaMoorePASCO has been contracted by BL Harbert International to provide complete fire protection for the new Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. The structure is four stories, 256,000 square feet and offers a multitude of specialty features. PASCO will install nearly 2,000 sprinkler heads, a 15,000 gallon water storage tank, pressure reducing system valves; wet and dry risers and fire pumps to meet all NFPA codes and regulations.

T-5 Data Center

PASCL2 0000 T5datacenterThis project is a multi-tenant facility data center in the North Atlanta area that has eight pre-action systems and two dry systems,  of which are supplied by a nitrogen generator, instead of air compressor to reduce the corrosion of the pipe. This type of system increases the life of the system. It also has a nitrogen level indicator to make sure that the level of oxygen does not reach a high enough content to let corrosion start. This project also has two wet systems that supply the office area.

Skyhouse Apartments

PASCL1 0000 skyhousepictureThis project consists of a 24-story apartment building in midtown Atlanta with a four story parking garage attached by a canopy. This is a large residential project that features various types of sprinkler installations including: cpvc on residential floors, standpipe system, dry systems in parking garage, and a fire pump. This project was built on an aggressive schedule of four days per floor for install durations, and PASCO had no problem meeting the contractor's needs.

Project Dolphin, Maiden, NC

HPIM0506DolphinPASCO was contracted by Holder Construction to provide fire protection for a new 580,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, Data Center. PASCO designed 3D modeled, hydraulically calculated, and installed three nitrogen generators, 40 double interlock pre-action systems and upwards of 6,000 individual sprinkler heads. PASCO coordinated all commissioning and testing with very early smoke detection (VESDA) systems, local and state fire officials and facility owners to ensure the proper function of our systems and their relationship to all other related equipment and systems. PASCO was successful in completing our scope of work a full six months prior to the project completion and well within budget restrictions. This data center is one of the first sites in the Southeast to use self-generating nitrogen for fire protection and corrosion control.


PASCL2 0001 polyplexpicturePASCO completed the fire protection installation on this large manufacturing facility in Decatur, Alabama. This job consisted of 1,600 sprinkler heads that covered 113,047 square feet of manufacturing and storage space. It included installation of a 1,500 gpm diesel fire pump and installation of a FM200 chemical agent system and all wiring for this system.


Nephrontwilight400PASCO has contracted with J Raymond Construction and Jack Jennings & Sons to provide a complete fire protection system for the new Nephron Pharmaceuticals plant in Cayce, SC. The combined building square footage is 409,951 and requires 3,800 sprinkler heads, a 2,000 gpm fire pump, window sprinklers, wet riser and standpipe.

PASCL2 0004 Nephron6

McEntire Air National Guard, Eastover, SC

The Fire Suppression Project at McEntire JANG Base was constructed for the USPFO for South Carolina. PASCO maintained the leading role in this project, as the scope was to install high expansion foam systems in four aircraft hangars. Our work began with the demolition of existing fire protection systems in all four hangars. PASCO then designed and hydraulically calculated new systems to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, as well as those of the base engineers, base fire officials and base commander. PASCO installed a foam/water system with 18 HEF generators and two 50,000 gallon water storage tanks. One 2,000 gpm diesel and one 2,000 gpm electric fire pump serve these systems and were also installed per NFPA code. In addition to the work done in the hangars, PASCO fire sprinklers protected the pump house which houses the equipment for these systems. The tasks of this project were closely coordinated with the ANG's maintenance personnel, to ensure the readiness of aircraft for scheduled and emergency deployment, as these aircraft are mission critical to the United States' efforts while we have servicemen and women deployed. PASCO maintained excellent relationships with the other trades involved to include the underground utilities, masons and electricians as well as military personnel. PASCO was successful in completing this project within the constraints of the JANG's schedules and budget.


PASCL2 0005 martapicturePASCO is installing all sprinklers on the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) fire protection upgrade project. This is a large system-wide overhaul of MARTA's fire protection systems with a sprinkler value of approximately $10,000,000. The project encompasses a wide variety of sites ranging from train stations to maintenance, administrative and headquarters facilities. In all, approximately 60 facilities will receive upgrades or replacement of the sprinklers, standpipes and fire pump systems. The project presents unique challenges including the installation of underground vaults and piping in existing urban landscapes. The PASCO team has worked together with MARTA, the engineering team, and the general contractor to deliver excellence in every aspect of the project ranging from design to installation and inspections.

Continental Tire New Facility, Sumter, SC

PASCO was recently contracted through a Walbridge/Mashburn Joint Venture to provide fire protection for a new Continental Tire Manufacturing Facility in Sumter, SC. PASCO has designed, participated in the BIM coordination and are installing upwards of 12,000 individual sprinkler heads in manufacturing spaces along with office, canteen, equipment, storage and mixing buildings, throughout this 960,000 square foot facility. We will be installing one 3,000 gpm diesel and one 3,000 gpm electric fire pump as well as one 200,000 gallon water storage tank to serve the fire protection system. All of our work is being closely coordinated through and approved by the local and state fire officials as well as the facility owners and their engineers.

77 12th Street

PASCL1 0001 7712thpicturePASCO is installing fire protection in this 24 story apartment building in midtown Atlanta. This building consists of a 19 story residential tower sitting on top of a 5 story parking garage. It has a variety of sprinkler needs including cpvc on residential floors, standpipe system, dry systems in the parking garage, and a fire pump.

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