The Fire Suppression Project at McEntire JANG Base was constructed for the USPFO for South Carolina. PASCO maintained the leading role in this project, as the scope was to install high expansion foam systems in four aircraft hangars. Our work began with the demolition of existing fire protection systems in all four hangars. PASCO then designed and hydraulically calculated new systems to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, as well as those of the base engineers, base fire officials and base commander. PASCO installed a foam/water system with 18 HEF generators and two 50,000 gallon water storage tanks. One 2,000 gpm diesel and one 2,000 gpm electric fire pump serve these systems and were also installed per NFPA code. In addition to the work done in the hangars, PASCO fire sprinklers protected the pump house which houses the equipment for these systems. The tasks of this project were closely coordinated with the ANG's maintenance personnel, to ensure the readiness of aircraft for scheduled and emergency deployment, as these aircraft are mission critical to the United States' efforts while we have servicemen and women deployed. PASCO maintained excellent relationships with the other trades involved to include the underground utilities, masons and electricians as well as military personnel. PASCO was successful in completing this project within the constraints of the JANG's schedules and budget.

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