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I have been a property and casualty insurance broker for over thirty-two years, specializing my practice
in working with commercial contractors. Over the course of my lengthy career, I have observed vastly
varying levels of commitment to safety in the workplace, as well as attention to risk transfer, light duty
return to work programs, management support of claims prevention and adherence to statutory

Owner Scotty Mill and his team at PASCO remain as one of the most impressive contactors I have had
the pleasure of partnering with in regard to promoting safety, preventing claims and complying with
state and federal requirements. Not only is Scotty intimately aware of and involved in workplace safety
and risk prevention programs and practices, but he has also put in place a dedicated team, led by safety
manager, Steve Coward, to oversee all aspects of safety and loss prevention, and to further explore
proactive ways to mitigate workers' compensation, general liability and automobile claims.

The wellbeing of their employees is most evidently a top priority at PASCO. In placing employee welfare
at a premium, PASCO is able to attract and retain the most talented employees benefiting not only
PASCO, but the general contractors who employ them, as well as the owners of the jobs for which they
are hired.

We commend and congratulate Scotty Mill and his team at PASCO for their successful approach to
promoting and providing the safest possible work environment, and it is our privilege and pleasure to
partner with them in continuing to leverage most efficient and effective risk management approaches
and strategies for the benefit of their employees, and those who hire them to do the great work they

r/John A. Babson
Senior Vice President

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