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To Whom It May Concern:

Garvin Design Group seeks out construction companies that appreciate the value of collaboration and working together during the design and construction process, and there are not many. As architects, we value contractor input during the design phase, especially from those that are truly experts in their field. PASCO is our go-to company for that level of expertise, and we have worked with them on numerous projects over the 14 years of our company.

During construction, PASCO is extremely easy to work with and very helpful when working through coordination issues in the field. I am most impressed with their ability to do the work within schedule and to stay within the costs that they have proposed. In a process that is wrought with difficult issues and challenges, as well as subcontractors that try to take advantage of our Owners, it's a pleasure to work with PASCO repeatedly. I am always confident in their work and their honesty.

Scott L. Garvin, AIA

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