Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co.

ReliableAutomaticSprinkler-300May 31, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative, quality-oriented fire sprinklers and system devices. Based in New York for over 80 years, we relocated our manufacturing plant to South Carolina and officially reopened in 2006.

For many years now, even before our move to the Palmetto State, Reliable has enjoyed a long and prosperous partnership with PASCO. Under the leadership of Scotty Mill, we have had the great pleasure of working together on many projects. Our two companies enjoy a growing friendship, one that will continue in the months and years to come.

It is because of PASCO's unparalleled professionalism and commitment that we chose them to do the sprinkler installation for our new 150,000 feet expansion currently under construction. We are pleased to announce with confidence that, much like every other project they are awarded, PASCO is exceeding expectations!

Reliable salutes PASCO for its professionalism and dedication to the fire sprinkler industry. It is their hard work and effort that are making this country a safer place to live and work in. RASCO may make the fire sprinklers and devices, but PASCO is the one who installs them. They are our customers and business partners, but most importantly they are our family.

If you are considering PASCO for future projects, and for what it is worth, know they have Reliable's stamp of approval. We are always happy to assist our dear friends down the road anytime and in any way we can...just like they do for us. Thank you for your time.

Kevin T. Fee, Jr.
Kevin T. Fee, Jr., Vice President of Sales, Americas
Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.